What´s Up?

It´s been a while, I know.So here I am bundled up again in my favorite color and ready to survive the cold winter.
PC020120At the start of this month, I got to know Zaragoza, Spain. I had a fantastic time and everything was almost photogenic. Take a look at this river photo from the top of the cathedral´s tower, breathtaking, no? ;)

The star of Zaragoza, La Catedral de la Virgen del Pilar:

I hope to be back soon, take care my luvlies!


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2 thoughts on “What´s Up?

  1. Hi Che, you’ve got a beautiful country home and great pictures. I love them, thanks for posting ;)
    Would you also link my blog with yours? “A Pinay’s Diary
    miss-taglish.blogspot.ca ;)
    I’m a new blogger but you may find my content interesting too, ;) And please feel free to suggest anything ;)
    Thanks again. Take care!

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