I´m coming back!

Hello!!! Is anybody there? I´m coming back soon to where I started first. In the meantime here´s a teaser pic:


Just hang in there for a little bit while I straighten up things up on my end and then we´ll gonna be having a smooth ride, okies? ;)

See ya  soon!



What´s Up?

It´s been a while, I know.So here I am bundled up again in my favorite color and ready to survive the cold winter.
PC020120At the start of this month, I got to know Zaragoza, Spain. I had a fantastic time and everything was almost photogenic. Take a look at this river photo from the top of the cathedral´s tower, breathtaking, no? ;)

The star of Zaragoza, La Catedral de la Virgen del Pilar:

I hope to be back soon, take care my luvlies!


Still here!

Hi, everyone!

I´m still here. It´s just that I´ve been really busy with the other blog. Anyway, if you want to see some dry run photos of the bull runs (sans bulls and lots of people) of the Sanfermines in Pamplona, Navarre, just click on this link. At least, you´ll get a first hand info of where to run with the bulls just in case you´ll feel like running with bulls in Pamplona next year! ;)

Ciao for now!



Oh, hello there!

It´s been a while since I´ve gone AWOL. Yup, that´s a total of 6 months. Ngeeh! Don´t worry, your travel girl´s  still alive and  never stopped kicking. ;) Even if you can´t see me here, I´m on  the other page. So while I was away…

I went back to Portugal

 Got to see Valencia for the first time

 and gone back to visit Barcelona again. I´ve got lots of  back stories and photos to share. Hope to see you again soon! ;)

Ciao for now!


Up on the Hills


Just checking in and saying hello to all! Photos taken in early spring ( what the… and summer´s about to end?!) at  La Rioja-Alavesa region very near here. We´re just neighbors, ya know. ;)

So one sunny afternoon, just hopped in the car, turned on the radio at full blast and rode away until sunset.

Here´s a black and white photo of this picturesque town whose name I´ve forgotten by now. hahaha!

So how´s life nowadays?



Hello Again, Still Here

Hello, again!

Yup, it´s been a long time. But I´m still here, alive and kicking. So many stories to tell, photos to show but less memory to upload. hahaha! Anyway, here´s what I´ve done while I was gone:

St. Denis(front)

St. Denis (back)

I went back to Paris again. Yup, I did! I even got to visit this chirch outside of Paris in St. Denis, the burial site of the French monarchs. But then,

I also stayed true to what I´ve always planned to do while in Paris. That is, to visit Museé D´Orsay, Lu Louvre, etc. and to see what´s inside:

Galeries Lafayette

this exquisite store and then later regretting that my budget is very limited for me to buy something that I really liked. lol! Anyway, I also did a lot of things while visiting Paris. Hope to tell you more about it soon! ;)

Take care,


Aquarium with a Cause

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When you visit Lisbon, don´t forget to visit the Lisbon Oceanarium. I assure you, you´ll be having the time of your life when you´re there and be more conscious of the environment and water conservation. Details of the Oceanarium here. Moreover, it´s one of the few aquariums in the world to house the gigantic ocean sunfish which you can see in the short slideshow which I had learned to only do today, lol. :)

It´s a two-thumbs up, indeed! ;)

Happy short viewing, dears! :)